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I know the Lord is Always with me. Psalm 16:8

About Us

 Life—our journey through it is never without challenges and hurdles to overcome. And although we realize everyone gets wet in a rainstorm, it doesn’t lessen the loss or pain we feel when rainstorms blow against our windows. We ask ourselves, “why me, or what did I do to deserve this rainstorm in my life? We often feel confused, discomforted, sad, and even angry when we can’t explain the ‘WHY.’

We could experience the very same struggle, but weather the storm differently, and that’s perfectly fine. We don’t have to compare our tests and trials to others—it’s a personal experience, but the good news is that we are never alone, God is always with us—even in our rainy and stormy seasons. 

If you do feel alone in your struggles, our desire at Wreaths of Joy is to share cheer through handmade wreaths inspired by love, faith, and hope in the promises of God. When family and friends are too far away to hold, know that God lovingly holds you in the safety of his arms. He promised in his word that he’d never leave nor forsake you—Hebrews 13:5—he’s always there

When a tornado rips through your life in the form of chronic illness, death of a loved one or loss of a home, your faith in God may shake, and you may feel lost and confused for a season. I’ve learned through personal struggles that I may not understand the ‘cause’ of a particular life event all at once or ever, but as I shift my focus from the effects of the storm to trusting God in spite of the storm, the weight of burden feels lighter because I know God is always with me. Even in my storms—He’s right there!

The truth of the matter is, although you may be experiencing a downpour or even a tsunami of adversities and difficulties, know this—at some point, the rain has to stop, and the sun will shine again in your life. Psalms 30:5 confirms this truth—“weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.”

I know all too well, how it feels to be on the mountaintop one day and then buried in the valley the next. You’re not alone—through our struggles may vary, the encouraging truth is regardless of the loss, sickness, pain, or setback we may encounter, our faith in God can carry us through our valley experiences. 

Comfort through Creativity & Considering Others

Numerous studies have shown the positive effects of creative expression when grieving or going through a significant life event. Wreaths of Joy helps you express your creativity to lift your spirit and encourage you to elevate your faith in God. I discovered my passion for wreath making amid a valley experience. 

No matter the age, wreath making is therapeutic, fun, and uplifting for everyone. Want to learn how to create heartwarming wreaths follow us on Wreaths of Joy on Facebook or download our Wreaths of Joy APP. Make a wreath for a friend. It’s been said, What you make happen for others will happen for you. Give someone in need a gift that will warm their hearts for years to come. I recently saw a quote that encouraged and inspired me—“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” That quote reminded me to be patient and mindful of others.

Most importantly, it encouraged me not to wallow in my adversities and to use my creativity to be a blessing to others. I’ve learned some suffer in silence, choosing not to share the details of their struggle. They hide behind a smile that fades away when no one is around. How will you use your creativity this month? Who will you bless with an expression of warmth and cheer?

We want to be a source of joy, comfort, and encouragement. We want to help you find joy during your struggle, and to feel empowered and encouraged to strive for your dreams. We want to be that bright spot in your home or office to remind you of the presence of God and his enduring love.

My friend, remember this, your storms, though vigorous and possibly even damaging at times, they are temporary interruptions on your road to greatness and all that God as predestined for your fabulous life. May I leave you with this scripture from Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” 

God is love, and Wreaths of Joy is an extension of his passion. Look to us when you need inspiration, encouragement, and motivation. Warm the heart of a friend, coworker, or neighbor going through a rough time. No matter the season, there’s always a reason to spread joy through Wreaths of Joy.

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